Meal Prep Made Easy with Vacuum Sealers

Meal Prep Made Easy with Vacuum Sealers

January 05, 2021

Putting fast, healthy and tasty meals on the table during busy weeknights can be tough. Life is busy between work and other adulting responsibilities, so meal prep can be a huge time saver to avoid making unhealthy dinner choices by throwing a frozen pizza in the oven or darting to the nearest fast food restaurant. Plus, meal prepping can save you time and money!

Your time and money savings are amplified when you vacuum sealing prepped meals because you can buy in bulk and make your food last a lot longer without having to worry about freezer burn or food spoiling overnight. To be successful at meal prepping, you must: 

  1. Plan ahead: First, make a menu for the whole time you wish to have a prepared meal available and create a grocery list. The grocery list should have all the items and ingredients needed to prepare each meal.

  2. Batch cook: Its time to batch cook now that you have the groceries purchased. Batch-cooking can be done in a couple of hours or less. Just make the time for cooking and you’ll thank yourself later. (Pro Tip: Multitask when batch cooking to save time. For example, prepare your vegetable while the chicken is baking in the oven.)

  3. Vacuum seal: Lastly, portion all of the food into desired serving sizes and vacuum seal in your EcoVac vacuum or chamber sealing brand bags. Don't forget to label and date your food to help you remember when your meal was prepped or when it's meant to be eaten. Then when it’s time to eat,  just grab a vacuum sealed meal, cut open and dig in. EcoVac bags are even microwavable and boil safe so there’s no need to dirty a single plate!

How’s that for easy?! Now check out our blog for more vacuum sealing tips or our shop to find high-quality vacuum and chamber sealing bags that work with all household sealing machines.