Store Venison All Year Round

Store Venison All Year Round

September 07, 2021

Venison is awesome and adaptable – it can be used for steaks, roasts, loins, jerky, or made into sausage, bacon, and hotdogs! If you love eating venison you've harvested year-round, then let us help you preserve to keep it fresh and tasting great.
Seal, Vacuum Seal!
Vacuum sealing your venison is the key to preserving the meat! Vacuum sealing will:
  • Keeping your uncooked venison away from enemies, such as air and moisture, is critical for long-term storage. EcoVac has a variety of  vacuum and chamber

    sealer bags perfect for vacuum sealing and preparing your venison for storage.

  • Vacuum sealing your venison is the safest way to store the meat long-term while preserving freshness.

 Let's Get Vacuum Sealing!
But first, trim fat and clean the meat so the venison is ready for its end use when you pull it out of your freezer or fridge. Fat will spoil quicker and can often has a gamey taste. Once the prep is done, sealing is a breeze! Just:

  • Keep it flat as possible. Flatten packages freeze faster and stack better.

  • Once you have vacuum sealed your venison, you can wrap it in freezer paper (or newspaper) for an extra layer of protection.

  • Keep the packing sealed tight. The seal on your bag is key! Look to verify there aren't any air bubbles or wrinkles in the seal that could lead to air getting in and spoiling the meat over time. It is better to reseal or double seal if you're concerned.