Product Features

Freezer Safe: EcoVac bags are designed to withstand cold temperatures and help products avoid freezer burn, which can damage the look, taste, and smell of food. Freezer burn occurs when moisture evaporates and air penetrates food. When a vacuum sealer or chamber sealer is used, the air is removed from the inside of the bag and forms an air-tight seal around your product. EcoVac bags will keep your products' moisture inside the bag and prevent air from causing damage by seeping back in.

Cook Safe: One of the most convenient aspects of vacuum and chamber sealer bags is that they can go right from the refrigerator or the freezer to cooking directly in the bag. No need to thaw! All EcoVac bags are safe to be used for sous vide cooking, boiling, or in the microwave to reheat or steam when the bag is punctured.

BPA Free: EcoVac Bags are BPA free. BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is a chemical found in varying plastic products that can leach into products. Our bags are extensively evaluated for toxicity and safety and comply with applicable quality and safety regulations. EcoVac pledges to keep your food, and other products, safe by ensuring BPA is kept out of our bags.

Universal Design: Our bags are compatible with all major brand suction type and chamber vacuum sealers including Food Saver, Weston, Cabela's, LEM, Seal-a-Meal, Ziploc, and many more!

Recyclable: EcoVac bags are made with high-quality, recyclable materials so that your food, your family, and our planet stay protected. EcoVac bags (clean and dry) can be taken to the same locations you drop off used shopping bags, like a grocery or other retail store, to be collected for recycling. Just look for the bin the next time you’re at your local participating store. 

Reusable: EcoVac bags can be cleaned and used again at your discretion. Simply cut off the existing seal and re-vacuum the bag. Be sure to properly clean out any grease or other residues inside and dry before reusing the bag. At EcoVac, we do not recommend re-using bags after storing raw meats, greasy foods or fish. Also, do not re-use vacuum sealed bags after microwaving or boiling.


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