200 Quart Size 8" x 12" Chamber Sealer Bags

EcoVac brand pre-cut, quart-sized chamber sealer bags are professional-grade, multi-layer storage bags. Our bags protect median sized items or food from natural enemies like air and moisture. The 8" x 12" bag is ideal for storing everything from multiple portions of fruits or vegetables to large cuts of meat or products like silverware and mementos. Chamber sealer bags are ideal for commercial use!  

Product Features

  • Compatible with ALL chamber sealers including Weston, PolyScience, Vacmaster and more
  • 4 mil thick smooth front and back panels (No Embossment)
  • BPA FREE & FDA approved food safe material
  • Microwave heating or in-bag steaming safe
  • Boil, simmer and  sous vide safe
  • Reusable and recyclable
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NOTE: Chamber sealer bags are ONLY compatible with chamber sealer machines (or the Sinbo Sealer) and DO NOT work with regular vacuum sealer machines.

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