100 Gallon Size 11" x 16" Pre-Cut Vacuum Sealer Bags

EcoVac brand pre-cut, gallon-sized vacuum sealer bags are professional-grade, multi-layer storage bags. Our bags protect items of all sizes or food from natural enemies like air and moisture.  The 11" x 16" bag is ideal for storing everything from large portions of fruits and vegetables to multiple cuts of meat or products like first-aid kits and clothing items.

 Product Features

  • Compatible with ALL vacuum sealers including Cabela's, FoodSaver, Seal-a-Meal, Weston, Ziploc and more
  • 4 mil thick front and back panels
  • Deep embossed evacuation channels for maximum air removal and storage life
  • BPA FREE & FDA approved food safe material
  • Microwave heating or in-bag steaming safe
  • Boil, simmer and  sous vide safe
  • Reusable and recyclable

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